Feels special : Convento dos Inglesinhos, Lisbon, Portugal

A little disclaimer: I love convents, both ancient and modern. I guess this is the irresistible appeal of big sacred walls and pared down spaces.
This means that any kind of re-purposed-as-habitation convent is bound to attract my attention. In that logic, when I saw on airbnb that you could rent an apartment in a freshly rehabilitated convent in the center of Lisbon, I simply had to go there.
I won’t show you the apartment yet, but instead the building itself, its garden and courtyard. Obviously the place was peaceful, no surprise there, but there was also a strong purity to it. I was particularly in awe of the symmetry of the four olive trees in the white courtyard which inspired me a mix of serenity and respect.



Convento dos Inglesinhos,  Rua São Boaventura (yes, that’s right in the center of the Bairro Alto)
Unfortunately you have to stay in the building to have access to the gardens and courtyard, but who knows, maybe you can bribe the guardian?
The place goes back to the 17th century and was renovated in 2008. There are quite a few apartments in the building, but I hear that the big chapel hasn’t been sold yet. I bet that’s a pretty impressive space….
The apartment we stayed in.

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