Favorite things : Sri Lanka 5/5


The quiet triangle

Sri Lanka’s recent popularity is undeniably due to its many beaches and the luxury resorts that go with them, especially in the south. In fact, when you plan your trip there, probably from a couch looking out a rainy window, it’s sometimes hard to picture yourself doing anything else than lazing by the water. Yet, my favorite part of Sri Lanka was definitely inland, in what they call the cultural triangle. Not only because of the cultural marvels, but also because of the landscapes, the wildlife, the very special places we stayed in and the fabulous peaceful feeling we felt. Soulful would best describe it I guess.
Don’t skip it!


The cultural triangle is a zone north of Kandy also called the “land of kings”  which features 7 UNESCO sites as well as a few National Parks.
You will want to stay at Vil Uyana.
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