The scene : reading on the subway, Osaka, Japan

I am back from Japan since yesterday and I can't wait to share the many pictures I brought back. I felt it would be nice to start with this young schoolboy who is riding the subway alone, completely absorbed by his reading. I can't say that this is a scene that I see often -or ever- in Paris! I might also add that we were quite surprised to see so few people browsing their smartphones or tablets on public transportation in Osaka. This was not the high tech Japan with people watching TV on their state-of-the-art personal screens that the media lead us to imagine. I wonder if this is different in Tokyo?


We also noticed that only a few people were wearing headphones since it’s considered quite rude to do so in public. Maybe they restrain from using their screens for the same reason?
Do you notice that he’s reading a book, and not a manga? So serious!
The sun is already quite strong in May in Osaka, hence the sun hat.

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