The view : from the 21st floor, Osaka, Japan

Having grown up in the countryside watching the VHS of Blade Runner over and over, I can tell you that this view literally blew my mind. Having it in front of our bed, through a 3 by 2 meters window was simply unbelievable. We really fell in love with Osaka and its 80's, vintage sci-fi look, it reminded us of so many films and animes we've seen. You have to believe me when I tell you that, despite the fact that every noise from below was absorbed by the thick windows, we could still hear the roar of the motors of the motorcycle gangs as they were passing on the expressway. Just like in Akira, how crazy is that?


The Hanshin expressway is a highway that passes through Osaka. Its massive look definitely adds to the science-fiction look of the city.
Do you know the Japanese motorcycle gangs, the bozosoku? they look pretty incredible!
Let’s watch that Akira scene again.
The picture was taken from our hotel room at the St Regis.

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