The place : Mondello bathhouse, Sicily, Italy

A few kilometers away from Palermo, the little town of Mondello is pretty much its beach annex. The transparent waters in the bay and the beautiful view on the Monte Pellegrino are no stranger to that fact. Hard to believe that there was a time before that when the area was more of a swampy no man's land waiting to be discovered. Mondello only became a seaside resort at the beginning of the century, the time where the bathhouse above was build, along with all the other Liberty style villas along the shore. It was a high bourgeoisie and aristocracy hotspot at the time, and even if I hear the beach ain't that posh anymore, on the quiet day we went there I felt the building was still retaining a good dose of that chic from before
The building has now been converted into a restaurant, yet I saw what looked like beach cabins, so I don’t really know how that works.

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