Feels Special : the forest in Kaga, Japan

Who would have guessed that my favourite thing in Japan would be the nature?
As you step foot on the delicate carpet of tender leaves in the forest near Kaga there isn’t a single doubt in your mind, it is indeed enchanted. Of course it’s full of spirits, how could it be any other way?

There are wild orchids in the bushes, cloudy tree tops, little flowers of the purest white, water drops looking little tiny crystals and silvery fireflies.

We’re in Kaga, in the hilly area south of Kanazawa. Here the forest seems to be everywhere and a precious hot water springs from the ground. The Japanese say their mountains are the land of the gods, who else but them?

The nature seems miraculously preserved, but the real miracle is the Japanese who work so hard at keeping it so.
Remember the dreamy forest on Sensui-Jima island?

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    Japan is my dream.

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