In situ : Place des Vosges, Paris, France

Paris is definitely not the best place for parks. There aren’t nearly enough of them, they tend to be very crowded and they most usually enforce that oh-so-frustrating rule of “no seating on the grass” (yes, I also thought that was a hoax when I first heard about it).

They do one thing right though. The surroundings. Most of the parks being quite small, they often come with a view on some rather gorgeous buildings.

Today we’re on the famous Place des Vosges. A very busy park indeed, mainly because grass isn’t out of bounds there. But wait, don’t turn back yet. Lie down, put on your music and look up: don’t tell me that ain’t beautiful.


Since we’re such good friends, I’m gonna give you one extra tip. Why don’t you come around 8pm, buy an Argentinian icecream from Clasico nearby (8 rue du pas de la mule) and enjoy the golden light in an almost deserted park? That’s summer in Paris at its best.

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