The good spot : Mochi, Vienna, Austria

When we were in Vienna it seemed like we were so anxious to get a head start on our upcoming trip to Japan that we jumped on every opportunity to have Japanese food (only to end up craving Italian food while in Japan, ah the irony!).

Mochi looked too good to pass anyway.
We were not the only ones feeling that way though, and had to try our luck twice before managing to get a table for lunch.

The restaurant, owned by an Israeli and a German, serves creative fusion-Japanese cuisine in a sleek wooden decor. I know that’s a very hybrid version of Europe that might sound not-so-authentic to some, but I felt the mix was working quite well. Especially in spring, when you can eat on the paved terrace under the trees, looking at people pass on the very inspiring Praterstraße.

The menu can get pretty funky, but there are also more traditional options on offer. In any case it’s served in the most gorgeous Japanese ceramics. And well, you know me, a nice plate is the best way to bribe me!

Mochi, Praterstraße 15, Vienna
Book a table in advance – like ten days ahead- online or by phone.
It reminded me of the glorious Rice & Fish in Paris.

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