The place : Andalusian garden, Castro Marim, Portugal

You won’t read about it in guides, but there is a strange science fiction vibe to small corners of the Algarve. Modern neighbourhoods seem to pop in the arid landscape (probably because of the money brought by tourism) and it’s not your authentic-whitewash-Portugal, but a geometric and graphic version, brand new but with strong Iberian references.

Here, at the entrance of the small village of Castro Marim, is the mysterious Andalusian garden. It’s not really “in” the village per se, but more on the fringe, on a rather lonely -yet dramatic-  stretch of cliff. That makes its function as a public garden a little strange, even more so with nature everywhere around.

And then, there is the grand design. Fountains, stairs, geometric alleys and those rather ominous towers..if the aliens had Spanish blood, they would certainly approve!


It’s right here.
Castro Marim is a small village in Southern Portugal, just a few kilometers from Spain and Andalusia.
These pictures were taken with a Sigma dp2 Quattro.

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