Small treasures : Apricot ice-cream, Portugal

Here comes my new drug of choice. How fantastic it is that something so simple could be so good?
It felt like I had never had apricot ice-cream before (if I had, this one wiped away any previous memories).

Jossara, the chef at Companhia das Culturas,  is the mastermind behind this little piece of heaven. She was kind enough to tell me how the recipe, and in my great kindness, I will let you in on the secret. You might not be able to get the same sweet Algarve apricots, but I’m sure you’ll make do. If you can’t have heaven it’s not so bad to have the next best thing!

She simply mixes the ripe apricots with unrefined brown sugar (muscovado, vergeoise, palm sugar, that kind of thing) and sweetened condensed milk. The sugar gives a nice little crunch to it while the condensed milk adds an unbelievable softness that will make you crave more. Trust me.


At home, I do mine with popsicle molds, but I guess you can get a creamier version if you go through the trouble of mixing every few hours, or use an ice-cream maker (which is kind of mysterious to me, let’s admit it).
On the picture, there s syrup apricots on top of the ice-cream, let’s say it’s a kind of double delight!
More pictures of Companhia das Culturas.
These pictures were taken with a Sigma dp2 Quattro.


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