The place : Ear of Dionysius, Syracuse, Sicily, Italy

The frontier between myth and facts simply too old to be really fathomed sometimes gets blurry in the Mediterranean.
In Syracuse, the giant cave they call the Ear of Dionysius has a shape that is way too fantastic for a trivial explanation. The twenty-three meters high cavity is said to be a former quarry that was later used for water storage, but who wants to hear that when Caravaggio himself named the cave and has a much more dramatic story to tell?
He speaks of how the place was used as a political prison by the tyran Dionysius I of Syracuse and how he used the perfect acoustics of the cave to eavesdrop on the conversations of the captives. You could say that’s only politics…Renaissance style!


The cave is in the Archaelogical park of Syracuse, right outside the city.

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    Beautiful place. I have almost the exact photo hanging in my hallway 🙂

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