Small treasures : fruits, Sri Lanka

The so-classic welcoming fruit basket often takes a surprising turn in exotic destinations.
The fantasy of a tropical place where delicious fruits are everywhere you look  is one I cherish dearly. Yet variety isn’t always a given. More than once we ended up being stuck with a rather boring pineapple-watermelon-papaya combo. “Where are the mangoes” is strangely something I always end up saying (they never seem to be in season when we visit).

That’s why there is definitely something to be said about daring fruit baskets, the ones where you barely recognize anything, and, armed with an inefficient rounded knife you set up to venture into new territories. The sample above was from Vil Uyana, near Sigiriya and featured a baby banana, a starfruit, an orange that looked like a lemon and a strange plum.

When my experimentation was over, I looked upon my sticky fingers with satisfaction, under the impression of having explored a little portion of paradise.

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