The place : Chaaya Blu, Uppuveli, Sri Lanka

After a morning of snorkeling at Pigeon’s Island, one gets hungry.
There was said to be crab on the menu at the Chaaya Blu, a few miles down the coast, and you know us French, always on the hunt for good and affordable seafood! (Crab is quite a luxury in Paris)
The crab salad was ok, but the setting was better. Think leafy Tatooine on the outside and Miami beach on the inside…that’s how much freedom you get as an architect around here!

Tribal patterns, mirrored columns, streamlined deck chairs and whitewash perforated walls are quite boldly paired, maybe even too boldly for the style of the staff and the clientele, but who cares, this mix is too fun to be second-guessed! (probably what that architect thought)


There is a website, but the pictures don’t do the eccentric architecture justice, shame!
Uppuveli is right next to Trincomalee, on the North-Eastern coast of Sri Lanka.


  • Reply September 15, 2014

    Lily Lau

    Sri Lanka can’t be as magic as you’re describing it, can’t be true… 🙂

    • Reply September 15, 2014

      The Voyageur

      @Lily Well, I do have a pretty dreamy memory of our stay there 🙂

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