Local eats : Pine nuts pie, Leon, France

On our first night at the Palika Lodge, Patrick served us a pine nuts pie for dessert. A local treat from a bakery nearby, in the small village of Leon.
I can tell you that I didn’t expect it to taste that good.

Pretty soon it was all I could think about and I kept talking about when I might have some again.
My craving wasn’t lost on our host and we came to pick us up from our afternoon canoe ride, it was literaly “tartelette” in hand!


“Tartelette” is the French word for an individual pie.
I will definitely attempt to recreate the recipe at home, since it doesn’t look that complicated, with a pâte sablée crust, a layer of frangipane (some kind of almond paste) and pine nuts on top.
Leon is in the middle of the pine forest of the Landes, hence the abundance of pine nuts!

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