Local eats : Companhia das Culturas, Castro Marim, Portugal

The food at Companhia das Culturas was so great that it kind of discouraged us from eating elsewhere (we did, but honestly it paled in comparison).
With organic fruits and vegetables coming from their garden and unique products from the area, it was as local as it gets. I also loved how simple yet powerful it was, surprising you when you might think this was well known territory.
Bravo Jossara, you’re quite the chef!


A little bit of detail about the pictures above:

1. Fresh goat cheese and jam on toast. I gave up on butter during our stay, that fresh cheese was just too great a replacement.
2. Spicy breakfast biscuits.
3. Carob quindim and homemade apricot ice-cream. I’ve already professed my love for this ice-cream, but here the pairing with carob was particularly delicious.
4. Chickpeas burgers, sweat potatoes and summer squash. Healthy never tasted that good!
5. Muxama and baked apple. Now this is very unique. Muxama is a sort of “tuna ham” from the area, and it was so good that I ate it for breakfast without a second thought.
6. Mini clams with lemon and garlic. So fresh and tasty!
7. Stuffed sardines with cucumber and coriander. Can’t really remember what was inside, but I’m positive it was good.
8. Fresh juice with beet and….something else. Not bad, and that color was something.
9. Tuna carpaccio. I have some kind of addiction to raw tuna, so this was really a treat for me.
10. The breakfast table.
11. Black-eyed peas salad. I thought I hated those, guess I was wrong.
12. White gazpacho with smoked fish. A local favorite.
13. Octopus carpaccio. How pretty is it?


Read the article about Companhia das Culturas here.
These pictures were taken with a Sigma dp2 Quattro.


  • Reply December 8, 2014

    Lara // the passage

    What beautiful food…(photography!) It seems like a visit to Companhia das Culturas should be a must on anyone’s trip to Portugal. I hope to travel here someday- specially now that my eyes have feasted on such a glorious spread. Yum.

    • Reply December 8, 2014

      The Voyageur

      @Lara Thanks!
      Do go 🙂
      I see you’ve been to South Korea…I’ve been dreaming of going there recently!

  • Reply April 28, 2015


    Excellent choice of food … with a good atmosphere and delicious food holiday in Portugal is the best thing to do on holiday. I can’t wait to visit this beautiful country again. 🙂

    Mia 🙂

  • Reply August 17, 2019

    Andrea Canizares

    I need to go to that restaurant!!
    Cotos you please recommend where to stay in Lisbon.
    Convento dos Inglesinhos is a bit pricey
    Thank you

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