The mood : Tomo no Ura harbor, Japan

I’m boarding a flight to Tokyo this evening!
I know it’s barely been six months since our (first) trip to Japan, but what I can say? We totally fell for Japan.

We’ll make a short stop in Tokyo before heading south to Kyushu, which should make for a totally different trip than last spring. Speaking of which, I still have an unreasonable amount of pictures to share of that one (and I’m going back for more…I know!).

Anyway, it seemed fitting on the eve of our departure to post a few pictures of one the places that definitely stole my heart and made me long for Japan as soon as I came back. I’ve posted a few pictures of Tomo No Ura already, that little jewel of a village on the Inland Sea, but today we’re lingering a little bit on the harbor.

It must be magic that makes this place so poetic. it’s not postcard-perfect in the usual sense: there is concrete, containers and metal, but they somehow peacefully cohabit with the tiny temple at the end of the dock and the foggy horizon. It’s slightly messy, but in the most graceful way.


Getting there sound complicated but isn’t, since traveling in Japan is the smoothest thing there is. First take the train to Fukuyama, then take the bus to Tomo No Ura at the station (ask around to find it, they’ll be happy to help!).

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