Art trip : Baselitz at the Albertina, Vienna, Austria

Pretty much like the city itself, Vienna’s museums are far more modern than you might expect.

Take the Albertina for instance. The museum is famous for its old master prints of Dürer, Da Vinci or Rubens. So classic from the outside, right?

Part of the palace called the “Habsburg staterooms” have been meticulously restored in 2007, bringing back to life regal interiors in Empire style. I could elaborate on how beautiful they are, with their bright palette and delicate ornaments, but it’s the decision of exhibiting a series of Baselitz drawings in such a space that stroke me. It was bold, yet it felt so obvious.

Unlike when, in France, we do flashy exhibits at Versailles with rock-star contemporary artists, here this audacious move was hardly advertised.

Vienna, I’m impressed.


Georg Baselitz is a neo-expressionist German artist. 
The Albertina’s website.
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