Favorite things : Sri Lanka 1/5


Veranda life

I am starting a new section called favorite things. This will a highly subjective account of what made a destination unique to me. These are the details and the sensations that I missed when I left and ultimately the things that will make me want to go back. With the new year coming up, bucket lists that sound more like challenge than pleasure are popping up here and there, so it felt right to breathe for a second and remember that traveling is also about your precious, intimate feel of a place.

The rather elusive nature of this kind of list made me want to illustrate them with drawings instead of pictures, I hope you’ll like it!

We are starting with Sri Lanka, a spellbinding island that makes the exercise quite easy.

A lot of our time on the island was spent in traditional homes which never failed to have verandas inside and outside. In a country where nature is always putting up a show, verandas are the comfortable place to lie back and enjoy the spectacle. Sheltered from the rain and the sun, but strategically built to enjoy the breeze, they are neither in, nor out, like some architectural limbo. They are a way of life in itself, one that reconciles tropical languor and practicality, one that I could never find at home!


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