The place : Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

I had kind of forgotten about the beauty Sirgirya, how weird is that?

Looking back at pictures helps me remember and put things into perspective. In the whirlwind of a trip there are many reasons for you to find yourself not so impressed by a place. Maybe the sun’s too hot, or you’ve seen something so beautiful the day before that nothing seems to compare or as it was the case with Sri Lanka, everything’s so nice that you’re quickly taking it for granted.

Let me tell you that from where I sit now, the ruins of an antediluvian city on top of a gigantic rock in the middle of a tropical forest do look pretty impressive.

When you read about Sirgiriya they only show you the rock and the murals, so I am gonna go against the flow here and show you the rest and actually tell you that I liked that rest far better.
The giant, smooth stones, the myriad of half crumbled stairs, the basins filled with milky turquoise water, the soft green of the vegetation in the background and the incredible strong wind that welcomes you when you reach the top: all of that is worth remembering.



Getting up there is not too big a hassle physically, but it’s a narrow path that gets crowded pretty fast.
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If you’re in the area you’ll want to stay at Vil Uyana, believe me.

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