Art trip : The unexpected Louvre, Paris, France

The Louvre. So fabulous….and so popular!
Yet, unlike other Parisian museums plagued by their success, there are still ways to experience it in relatively good conditions.

Mostly, it’s because it is so vast that even the big flow of tourists doesn’t manage to spread everywhere inside the multi-buildings, multi-floors complex of the museum. Even with that, problems usually start  at the entrance…unless you know about the Porte des Lions (Lions’ gate), that off-the-beaten path entrance where there is barely any queue.

Once you know that, you’re already off to a far better start. The second good news is that it opens directly on the Arts of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas section. I know that’s not why you came here, but take a minute to enjoy that space: I found the selection to be extremely inspired, the scenography very elegant and the utter absence of visitors…a blessing! It shines in comparison to these parts of Louvre that feel a little crowded with items, poorly lit or just in need of a good revamp.


I might even add that even if it’s way smaller, it’s a much better bet than the Quai Branly Primitive Arts museum and its catastrophic scenography….
La Porte des Lions on Google Maps.
Le Louvre is open everyday except on tuesdays.

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