The view : from the TV tower, Brasilia, Brazil

I confess that I'm not too crazy about viewpoints in general, I'm a bad tourist that way. Truth is, I might have skipped that one if our driver didn't offer to take us there. What a pity it would have been! Brasilia has to be seen from above at least once to grasp the great folly of its plane-shaped plan. The Eixo monumental as a grandiose central axis lined with architectural masterpieces, on each side sectors labeled by use and at the extremity the Congress and the lake. So much space and horizon on that plateau, you have to admit that's quite a place to dream up a metropolis.



Brasilia is the capital of Brazil and a utopic city built in merely three years in the early sixties. It’s famous for its astoundishing number of Oscar Niemeyer’s buildings and the practicality and cost debates that go hand in hand with such a bold project. It’s located in the Goiàs region, a couple of hours away by plane from Rio or Sao Paulo.
Brasilia TV Tower, open everyday 8am-8pm, except monday 2pm-8pm. Free entry.
Get yourself a good driver to visit Brasilia, a city built for the car: Jean Thompson + 55 (61) 9633 1256


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    I went to Brasilia in the 80’s and it doesn’t appear to have changed one bit…the trees don’t even look like they have grown which would be odd for a place like Brasil:)

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      The Voyageur

      @Tim The city does feel rather manicured and under control, not necessary in a bad way though. That being said, there are certain places like the University where the vegetation and the weather seem to have a bigger influence!

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