The view : Bosco Verticale, Milan, Italy

You could say that Milan is somehow consistent. Mostly, once you know what the city is about, you have a good feeling of what you're gonna get (i.e. something good, for those of you who missed my previous posts). Yet, the city still likes to keep you on your toes. Here you are, at the end of the Corso Como, wondering if you're gonna let yourself be tempted by the outlet of that famous store, you lift your eyes and they appear clearly on the horizon. These unreal towers. Is is just a rendering, are we suddenly in Asia (the realm of fantasy towers for me)? They do have an Italian name, and a poetic one (or maybe that's just an added benefit of the Italian language), bosco verticale, the vertical woods. Real people have been living there for six months now, and presumably enjoyed living in these impressive apartments.



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