The mood : Modica in November, Sicily, Italy

Modica is one of these baroque towns of Sicily, tucked away in the South-Eastern hills. She is not as famous as Noto, but that doesn’t keep her from having that proud air that comes with the heightened situation. The village is built on two facing slopes, with the main road in the middle, this creates an impressive city-wide chiaroscuro when the sun is lighting one side while the other remain in the shadows.

On a brisk November day this means you will be roaming these steep stairs, trying to be at the right place at the right time to enjoy that bright golden light that turns the tired stone into gold.


If you go to Modica, you simply HAVE to stay at Casa Talia.
Modica is closer to Catania airport, but arriving in Palermo and taking a bus is also an option. Sicilian buses worked quite well for us (just remember to bring cash to buy your tickets if you couldn’t buy it online, paying with a credit card isn’t always possible!)

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