Paradise search : Casa Talía, Modica, Sicily, Italy

Casa Talía has been sitting in my favorites folder for a quite some time. I just knew that when I would finally go to Sicily I would  necessary spend some time there. The property was amply photographed since its opening a few years ago, and after seeing a few times here and there, I was simply conquered by the multicolored tiles and the rustic-meets-sleek decor.

We’re in the small village of Modica, in the Baroque south-east of Sicily. It’s not the mountain yet, but it’s high enough to give you beautiful perpectives and that great  feeling of clear skies and crisp air. Gritty Palermo seems very far away and you can tell there is some kind of understated elegance in the atmosphere. No doubt the Milanese owners liked it here. Nevertheless, the obvious choice would have been to buy a Baroque Palazzo in the lower part of the village, but instead, they made a much bolder choice and chose to turn old stone houses up the hill into a unique boutique hotel.

casa_talia_modica_sicily_thevoyageur02The main buidling where they serve breakfast has an incredible panoramic window completed with a beautiful assortment of ceramics: I knew I would love it there!

casa_talia_modica_sicily_thevoyageur03      casa_talia_modica_sicily_thevoyageur12The owners made an art of using vintage tiles to give a graphic feel to the place. You can also see the nice contrast between modern furniture, a cave-like ceiling and geometric porcelain.

casa_talia_modica_sicily_thevoyageur04Breakfast was always a very nice and peaceful moment, with fresh juice, seasonal fruits, Italian pastries and homemade jams waiting for us every morning.

casa_talia_modica_sicily_thevoyageur07One of the treasures of the hotel is definitely the garden. Modica is not really a green city, making this gorgeous oasis filled with reading spots a true delight. It also has that Arab feel that makes you remember the coast of Africa is only miles away.

casa_talia_modica_sicily_thevoyageur06      casa_talia_modica_sicily_thevoyageur05Breakfast in the garden is also a great option if it’s warm enough (it’s supposed to be in November, but it was unseasonably cool last year!). Each room has a door that leads to a terrace with table and chairs.

casa_talia_modica_sicily_thevoyageur08Needless to say that the dry and sunny climate is some kind of cactus and succulents paradise.

casa_talia_modica_sicily_thevoyageur09The discreet entrance to our room promised beautiful stone walls that would turn out to be quite cosy (and probably blissfully fresh in the summer).

casa_talia_modica_sicily_thevoyageur11I loved the refined simplicity of the decor: an entire wall covered in blue tiles, beautiful white linens and a porcelain lamp. It felt authentic, yet pared-down.

casa_talia_modica_sicily_thevoyageur10Even sitting on your bed you can still get a glimpse of the view through the curtains. I guess that’s the kind of luxury that whispers instead of screaming…

The website, and booking a room there.

Modica is closer to Catania airport, but arriving in Palermo and taking a bus is also an option. Sicilian buses worked quite well for us (just remember to bring cash to buy your tickets if you couldn’t buy it online, paying with a credit card isn’t always possible!)



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