Small treasures : Granola at Kiokuh, Claska, Tokyo, Japan

Full disclosure: I do prefer granola to fish and miso for breakfast. Luckily for me both are available at Claska‘s restaurant, Kiokuh. I’ve convinced myself a while ago that there were no shame in ordering Western food in Japan, since a. eating Japanese food three times a day is just too big a shift for me and b. the Japanese apply themselves so much that you’re more or less guaranteed an excellent result, or at least a surprising one.

And look, that granola just proved me right! It comes in “kit”, with a plate of yogurt (more like a white lake with a frail tree at is center, but maybe that’s me seeing grace everywhere in this country) on one side and dried fruits, honey and ready-to-be-crumbled biscuits. Isn’t it a thing of beauty?



Of course it was also very good!
See my Paradise Search post on Claska, or book a room there.
Since we’re talking about good Western food in Japan, this would a crime not to link to that burger.

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