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Nighttime in Hong Kong, just like in Japan, means showtime and also business-time ! There are actually markets that only happen in the evening, something that would be incongruous here in France (imagine buying sneakers and watermelon outdoors after hours on a regular basis?) but is beyond normal here. This means there is a lot happening on the street and walking around is pretty fun. On a quieter note, when it turns dark, I’m also a fan of hanging around temples to really enjoy the fabulous lanterns, or to walk along Queen’s Road West to look at the antiques windows bathed in surreal blue neon light.


More pictures of Hong Kong.

La nuit à Hong Kong, comme au Japon, est un spectacle en soi et aussi un vrai temps-fort du commerce. Certains marchés ne s’installent d’ailleurs que le soir, quelque chose qui serait incongru en France (on a du mal à s’imaginer aller acheter de la pastèque et des baskets en plein air et de nuit), mais qui ici est parfaitement banal. Bien sûr, ça rend les rues particulièrement animées et se promener à pied devient une attraction à part entière. Sur une note plus calme, j’ai aussi beaucoup aimé m’attarder aux abords des temples à la nuit tombée, pour profiter pleinement de toutes ces incroyables lanternes, ou encore admirer les vitrines des antiquaires de Queen’s Road West avec leur trésors plongés dans les lumières surréelles des néons.


Plus d’images de Hong Kong.


  • Reply February 11, 2016

    Taste of France

    Gorgeous photos. When I was in HK years ago, I stayed at what was billed as the cheapest “hotel” available. The door opened out because the room was exactly the same size as the mattress (which was on the floor). Had to put my bag on the mattress at my feet. Luckily I’m short.
    Happily I’ve been able to upgrade a bit from my round-the-world backpacking days.

    • Reply February 11, 2016

      The Voyageur

      Thanks! That sounds like quite an adventure :O

  • Reply February 11, 2016

    Stephanie | In Her Lens

    This is a really neat photo. What are the markets like in France? Most of ours (in the US) are open all day/evening. Some are 24 hours.

    • Reply February 11, 2016

      The Voyageur

      Hi Stephanie,

      In France, outdoor “temporary” markets like those selling vegetables, cheese, etc. and those selling a bit of everything (flea markets) are often only “open” until midday.
      Regular grocery stores are open all-day, with some closing at 10pm in big cities.

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  • Reply November 16, 2017

    Kathy Wong

    Great pictures! I am from Hong Kong and been following you for a long time 🙂
    I am just wondering what camera did you use to shoot those night time pictures?

    • Reply November 16, 2017

      The Voyageur

      Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad to count you among my readers !
      For the camera, I use a Sigma DP2 Quattro, which is far from the best choice for nighttime pictures (you can’t get good results past ISO 1000), but Hong Kong is so light at night that I managed to make it work anyway 😉

      Have a great day,


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