We're in Sri Lanka, I know you're imagining elephants, leopards and giant spiders, they have those, don't worry, but they also have spotted deers. You know, the Bambi kind. It feels like they're far away from the northern forest we imagine them in, but they're right here, in the jungle. The group of deers you see above are actually orphans. From what we could gather, the villagers gave them to the hotel we were staying in, hoping they would take care of them. Now forget about that image you got of desperatly shy deers, that can only be observed from a distance. Those ones were like cats, always looking to be near people, searching occasions to get petted and mostly trying to get a taste of your yogurt. This was pretty incredible, and all the guests, Sri Lankans and foreigners alike, were astonished.
This is happening at the Jungle Beach Resort, near Trincomalee, on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. 

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  • […] We finally drove to the Eastern coast, up to Trincomalee and stayed a few miles north of the town in a recently opened resort, right on the beach. This really felt like a totally different part of the country. Surely there were less “touristic” attractions, since the region has suffered very much during the war, but we were definitely happy to be there. It seemed as the people were even nicer (and that’s saying something, since Sri Lankans are extremely welcoming)! We loved to explore Trincomalee with its markets and hindu temples. We went snorkelling at Pigeon Island, ate fresh crab, walked on the beach,  lounged by the pool and of course spent countless time petting our domesticated spotted deers. […]

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