The place : mountain of the dead, Siwa, Egypt

Today I give you…the mountain of the dead! Sounds impressive, and scary, I know. Don’t get too worked up though.
We’re in Siwa, in the middle of the Western Desert in Egypt, and it might look like a no man’s land but this region has in fact been inhabited for more than a thousand years, and back then, they just didn’t go for the classic “tomb thing”. Here you were mummified and put inside a limestone mountain.
The one on the picture above is said to have hold almost 150 tombs, and even though now most of them are empty or ripped of their decorations you can still see some of the beautiful wall paintings that were there. As we drove through the desert around Siwa we realized that the so-called “mountain of the dead” is just the most famous of them and that the whole area is in fact full of ancient tombs, hidden in the mountains.
Turns out tomb raiding is still a major activity around here. Some things never change I guess.

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