Just Paris : Port des Champs-Élysées

Port means harbor in French, yet you might not find anything on Google if you search for a so-called “Champs-Élysées harbor”.  Still, since Paris sometimes likes to confuse us and is always looking to drape herself in mystery -like all old ladies- that’s the name of that portion of sidewalk by the Seine. Because, when you’re in such a fancy neighborhood -the infamous most beautiful avenue in the world is just right there- and you’ve got boats of sorts, you might as well call it a harbor.

Here they are, the “péniches”. Back when I was a child I used to dream of living in one. Now it looks like a rather…humid and expensive life choice, but still, it’s always a surprising sight. First because there’s a lot of them, the dock goes on for a while, but also because of how messy or even pirate-y they sometimes look. Sure, there ara a few polished ones, but most of them scream “alternative lifestyle”.

Now it’s winter, so there’s not much going on, but when those nice summer evenings will come, you’ll see them, the mysterious peniche owners, chilling out on their deck and enjoying an “apéritif”. La belle vie…

It’s right here. You’ll be happy to escape the crowds from the avenue and maybe find some quiet, it’s a nice walk.


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