Small treasures : lime juice, Egypt

I guess the first time I had lime juice in Egypt it wasn’t really my first choice, maybe I wanted orange and that wasn’t available, or maybe I was just feeling curious.
Of course I did have lemon juice before, but there, the experience was not the acid one I remembered. It was tangy, yet mildly sweet and more importantly it seemed to go ridiculously well with the food on the table. Maybe it’s because there’s a sweet and spicy quality to middle-eastern food that’s just waiting to be balanced with something lemon-y? Or is it just because lemon is a natural flavour enhancer?
In any case I was sold, and this was going to be a part of almost all my meals during the trip.

I suspect the limes they use are very different from the ones you can buy on the market here in France, they’re much sweeter and remind me of similar ones I’ve seen in Kerala and Sri Lanka.



  • Reply January 8, 2014


    Ça me met l’eau à la bouche (à la place je bois un detox tea, héhé) et c’est sûrement dû à la jolie palette de cette photo.

    Happy New Year ! Bravo pour ce site et pour toutes les photos, j’ai particulièrement aimé celles des déserts noir et blanc en Egypte que j’ai d’ailleurs en fond d’écran sur mon IPhone. Hâte de voir la suite en 2014.

    • Reply January 12, 2014

      Hello Ana,

      Merci beaucoup! si je peux apporter un peu d’exotisme -même virtuel- pour 2014 c’est déjà bien 😉

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