The mood : Symi in July, Greece

Symi is small but quite gorgeous.
It has the usual “sea everywhere you look” and “blinding white walls” Greek combo, but not only. See, the island has been wealthy for while, despite its minuscule size, mostly thanks to the sponge trade (who knew there was that much money there?). They became particularly flush in the 19th century and decided to build neo-classical mansions in the harbor (Yialos), like all at the same time, making the place incredibly consistent -and beautiful- in terms of architecture. Most of them are very well-preserved, but some of them are in a beautiful state of ruin, like ghostly miniature Parthenons. The old town is also particularly charming, and surprisingly vast for such a small island…

The town is literally build around a gigantic stair, so be prepared to walk if not climb. You have to earn that view my friend!
There’s is not much vegetation going on, the island feels pretty barren, yet smells like oregano and looks tough and elegant (like any good Greek lover). 

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