Just Paris : the sailboats of the Jardin du Luxembourg

Having grown in a small village, I’ve always pictured being a kid in Paris like some out-of-this-world experience, a full-of-crazy-opportunities upbringing, a million miles away from the boring countryside.
The toy boats of the Jardin du Luxembourg give a decent life to this fantasy of mine. You can rent them, you can bring your own, and there’s quite a crowd around the pond, watching the frail boats’ journeys on this imaginary sea. And If you’re looking closely, you might notice that kids aren’t the only eager participants, I spotted a white-suited gentleman with an impressive remote control exchanging passionate views on toy-sailing with a fellow park-captain.

I always thought that it was a rich-kid activity, but it turns out that at 3 euros for half an hour that’s quite affordable, so knock yourself out!

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    Fun article! Great place for sailing boats for young and old alike!

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