The mood : Trancoso in March, Brazil

By now you probably have heard of Trancoso, here or elsewhere.
The small and miraculously preserved village in the middle of the state of Bahia has slowly became a high-end (albeit low-key) destination. Yet, all you see of it on the web are the Quadrado (the main square), the beach and the (very good looking) hotels. All the more reason to go a little bit off the tourist track and explore the rest of the place. This was one of the rare moments during our trip where we wandered the streets camera in hand (a risky sport in Brazil) and we were quite excited to be able document what we were seeing, that utterly Brazilian lively and laid-back atmosphere.
We walked along the main road in the late afternoon and couldn’t help but smile at the local rendition of the tiles of Ipanema and the vibrant tones everywhere. As we walked farther we entered a supermarket where the concerned guard kindly advised us to put away our cameras. The exploration ended there, and we’ll never know if he was unnecessary cautious or if we had been foolish all along the way!

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