Just Paris : Little Hanoï restaurant

You could say that the vietnamese restaurant Paris-Hanoï is an 11th arrondissement’s institution. This unfortunately means that you invariably have to wait in line to eat there. That’s why I prefer his lesser-known annex, the Little Hanoï. It has the same industrial-meets-asian decor and of course the same bo bun. It’s tucked in a small cobblestone street near the Père Lachaise, which makes it a very good lunch spot if you have decided to come visit the famous cemetery (a must-see if you ask me, expect a post on it soon!).

It’s opened every day, a rarity in Paris!
It might be a little less famous, but it’s still rather busy so it’s best to come either early or late.
They don’t accept credit cards, so have some cash on hand.
A bo bun, or bún bò, is a famous vietnamese soup with rice vermicelli and beef. At Little Hanoï they serve it with bean sprouts, shaved carrots, coriander, lettuce and either beef, nems, shrimps or meatballs.

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