The detail : Old Cairo, Egypt

It's easy to get disoriented in the huge sandy metropolis of Cairo. I guess that's why it was somehow reassuring to see that there still was a neighbourhood of small crowded alleys and ancient mosques, with every wall covered in engravings.
It’s still not really the Cairo of Indiana Jones : Raiders of the Lost Ark, is it? The scenes from the movie were actually shot in Kairouan, in Tunisia. I guess it’s been a while since there were mud houses in Cairo!

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  • […] I had no idea of what Cairo would look like and not a lot of expectations. The place blew my mind! It’s impossibly chaotic and dusty but completely mesmerizing. The sight of the pyramids was not the touristic experience I expected, but instead a surreal vision that gave me shivers. On that first day our guide took us to Gizeh (the pyramids) and to Old Cairo. […]

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