The detail : a bike in Kurashiki, Japan

I wasn't expecting to see that many bikes in Japan. Come on, bikes in Asia? what a cliché...yet we saw a lot of them! I was particularly taken with the customization that goes on with the old ladies' bicycles. See, the Japanese love, I mean really love, to accessorize everything and even more if it serves a functional purpose. This explains the situation you see above, with the extra baskets and the little prints everywhere. But, you might still wonder about those giant patchwork mitts on the handlebar. They're here to protect the hands from the sun. Like a lot of things in Japan, that porcelain complexion is the result of a lot of work and care!


And what about that extra vertical? It’s here to hold the umbrella of course. Didn’t think a bike could do all that, didn’t you?

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