The scene : walking around Takahamakita, Amakusa, Japan

Walking around Japanese villages and see the Japanese countryside has to be the most heart-warming activity. When you don’t drive, you have to put a little extra effort to get it though. But the things I’ll do to get there…!

The islands of Amakusa are linked to the mainland (Kyushu in that case) by a series of bridges. They’re not exactly impossible to reach, but by Japanese standards they’re definitely remote. They must have been a good place to hide back in the day since that’s where Japanese Christians resolve to hide when there were nowhere else to go. Let me tell you they could have done worse, scenery-wise.

I won’t show you too much of that scenery yet (all the beauty of that place can’t possibly fit in one post), but instead a glimpse into the very small town of Takahamakita and the villages of Kikaigaura, Shimodaminami, Tsukuda and Hama. I found there the same humble yet noble beauty that we saw walking through Tomo no Oura, enchanting details and displays that leave you to wonder how much of it was careful arranged and how much is simply blind chance.

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