In situ : Koemon, Shirakawa-go, Japan

This may not sound like much, but one my fantasies during this trip to Japan was to hang out barefoot on a traditional wooden veranda called an engawa. Like a lot of good Japanese things it casually cultivates its taste for paradox. It's outside, but its covered and just above the ground, it's open, but not always, since it might turn into a corridor if need be. One sure thing is, as you slip in your yukata and sit there to read, occasionaly gazing at the garden, something magic is definitely happening. You might even see a fox passing by.

Since I am no master of the shoes-slippers-barefoot etiquette in Japan, I might as well confess that going there without any shoes might be a no-no. The soft wood felt too right under my feets, I had to take the risk.
This picture was taken at Koemon, a bed&breakfast in Shirakawa-go.
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