The detail : Tracks in the sand, Western Desert, Egypt

One of the many things that makes the desert such a mind-bending landscape is the absence of roads. Or the apparent absence.

As our 4X4 was eating away the dunes, I was wondering by what miracle our driver was finding its way (I usually walk out in the wrong direction when I exit a store, so navigating the desert seemed way out of my league).
There are paths though, or at least traces of them.

More surprisingly, some unassuming corners -to the untrained eye- bear the marks of rather intense traffic. The word is actually quite appropriate, the proximity with the Lybian border being the raison d’être of these off-the-books commercial roads which only come alive at night.

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  • Reply October 24, 2015

    Milosz Zak

    You have such an incredible eye for these things, you should honestly pitch an exhibition idea to a cafe or two out there.

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