Feels special : Dinosaur park, Sakura jima, Japan

The 8-year-old in me is alive and kicking these days. We had lizards last Wednesday, and I now give you…dinosaurs!
You see, the key to a good dinosaur park is definitely the setting, you want your monsters to have an air of credibility with a background that looks prehistoric enough. What better than a sub-tropical island with a volcano (an active one, we’re not amateurs)?

Welcome to Sakurajima, whose majestic silhouette faces Kagoshima, Japan’s southernmost big city.  That’s how it goes: one moment you’re at the Family Mart, and a ten-minutes ferry ride later you’re in a Lost World worthy landscape of jungle, wild flowers, giant black birds and well, plaster dinosaurs.

In all honesty the park is only a tiny part of the island’s attractions that also include various parks and a foot spa, you know, for the people who obviously can’t hear pterodactyls screaching in the distance.


The island’s website, with all the info you could dream of.
Sakurajima is part of the island of Kyushu, at the very south of Japan.


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