The shop : D&Department store, Osaka, Japan

The shopping experience is definitely one of the things that makes Japan so great. While I’m not very fond of the “mall aspect” of shopping in Japan, I’m on the other hand a big fan of all the small shops and galleries you can find there.

D&Department store isn’t exactly small, it’s part of the Comme des Garçons retail universe and it has outlets in many cities, yet it’s so understated and so smartly done that it kept that homy feeling of an independent shop.

The one in Osaka occupies an humble concrete building in a quiet neighbourhood (so quiet that we almost turned back before reaching it, thinking we had the wrong address!), and features functional yet gorgeous housewares, plants that are not your usual ficus, danish-influenced vintage furniture and a vast restaurant on the last floor.

The whole space is a lesson in merchandising, mixing old and new, sleek packaging and handwritten bits. Itfeels effortless and very thought-out at the same time, a performance!

D&Department Osaka, 2 Chome-9-14 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka
The website
D&Department stores is also publishing the remarkable d design travel guides, with the goal of doing one for every 47 Japanese regions. The bilingual opus are very hard to find outside of Japan but they’re a gold mine for anyone interested in exploring the country in a design-conscious yet authentic way.
See what I bought there!

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