The mood : Yamashiro Onsen in May, Japan

Japan felt very much like a parallel dimension at times, with these trivial details feeling both well-known yet slightly different, reminding you you’re thousands of kilometers away from the “normal” you know.

The tiny spa town of Yamashiro Onsen felt discreet and tidy at first, as it hid under the fierce late-Spring rain. Once the sky cleared out and we started our exploration I couldn’t help but notice these not-so-normal surroundings. If felt as if all the materials around me were arranged in a harmony of pale cyans, cold beiges and violet-ish tones. From the pavement to the cars and the purple-leaf trees, for a few blocks, everything just seemed to match this surreal color code.

The place was indeed full of surprises, since it’s during that same walk that we stumbled upon this magical forest.


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