The place : gallery of Horyuji treasures, Tokyo, Japan

Never a building that’s meant to shelter and preserve was ever so light and delicate. The gallery of Horyuji treasures is the most recent building of the Tokyo National Museum, and it’s been designed to house an invaluable collection of antiques from the 7th and 8th century with the help of state of the art conservation techniques. It might have looked like a bank safe, but instead its façade is alive with all the reflections of its surroundings. The evasive shadows of the leaves and the fragile ripples of the shallow pond are a distant echo of the collection’s former home, in Horyuji temple in Nara. They watch over the treasures too.



The building was designed by Yoshio Taniguchi in 1999.
The building is part of the Tokyo National Museum, in Ueno park.  It’s open every day from 9am to 5pm, except on mondays.
The inside is quite breathtaking as well, I shall take you there soon!


  • Reply January 16, 2015

    Maria K

    That’s some great architecture i am amazed i will visit Tokyo next month and this musuem is now in my list !
    Thanks a lot
    Maria K

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