Art trip : Galerie de Minéralogie, Museum d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France

Here he is again, the 8-year-old boy in me, but wait, he’s onto something I promise!
The mineralogy gallery of the Museum d’Histoire Naturelle has reopened last December with a show called “Trésors de la Terre” (Earth’s treasures) and chances are this is the kind of exposition you won’t read about when looking at the arts section.

The space in itself isn’t mind blowing (you could expect more from such a historic place) but the rocks on display are just unbelievable. I found it hard to believe they could actually be found in nature. There is probably enough material there to inspire a new space opera, a Balenciaga collection and a pastry revolution. In other words, skip the guaranteed disappointment of the Musée Picasso and come see these crystals instead.


Galerie de Minéralogie, Museum d’Histoire Naturelle, 36 Rue Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire, Paris 5 (it’s inside the Jardin des Plantes), open everyday except tuesdays, 10 am-5 pm on weekdays, 10 am-6 pm on weekends and holidays
It is supposed to run until 2018, so you have time (Are they worried of getting some bad juju if they move the stones?)
You probably won’t resist a visit to the red pandas and the lizards, just on the other side of the park.

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