We’re in a small village 40 kilometers south of Lisbon, a kilometer or so from the Atlantic coast. Sure, some of the houses here are looking quaint and pretty, but that’s not what’s really interesting. All around the village you can spot beautiful modern houses, with clean lines, bright white walls and wooden details. You can’t help but think about those magazine spreads about Scandinavian houses, but the sun is shining very bright, this is in fact Portugal.

You can guess that some of those large villas are actually for rent, but here we will be talking about a more humble expression of this nordic-architecture-gone-south. This a bungalow, but it’s not what you might have in mind when you hear this word. You could say that it’s a wooden box for two. You might also wanna add that it has a wide bay-window that opens on a pine forest, access to a sleek pool and a little patio to enjoy the Atlantic breeze.

The living area is separated in two parts : the bedroom in the back and the sitting room in the front, facing the landscape.


The small kitchen make a little cooking possible. The grocery store in the village is quite small and very…authentic ! There’s also a butcher and a fishmonger, both excellent. The green melon on the right was given to us by our lovely neighbour who seemed to know his way around gardening quite well !


The crisp and functional bathroom is on the rear end of the structure. A translucent sliding door is closing the space.
A wood deck pool is shared with the villa built on the same lot (a nice option if you’re going with a couple of friends or have children).


As the sun sets, a nice game of reflections  and silhouettes takes place.


If you walk toward the pine forest, you’ll notice that there’s  no wire fence  on this side of the property. In fact, if you decide to go through the forest you might very well stumble upon a wild deserted beach.


The bungalow is located in Aldeia do Meco, in the region of Sessimbra.
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