Graphic tour : Seville, Spain

Seville isn’t so romantic on the outside, it feels strong and elegant at first. But, once you get to see the gardens and the courtyards then it’s all about ceramic tiles, fountains and flowers, with the white Andalusian sun playing hide-and-seek with the shadows of the thick walls and the orange trees. The mix between Spanish, Moorish and Italian influences makes the city a decorator’s paradise, with ornaments everywhere and surprising juxtapositions.


Ceramic tiles are a serious matter in Seville, they call them azulejos and there is even a neighbourhood named Triana filled with workshops dedicated to them.
Seville is the largest town of the southern Spain region of Andalucia. The city owes its prosperity to the maritime trade with the New World between the 16th and 17th century.
It was under Muslim rule until 1248 and then became Christian, hence the mix of influences in the architecture.


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    I loved Seville. The architecture details are so amazing, it is hard to describe in words. Granada is amazing as well. The nighttime is great as well as the flamenco music picks up!

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      The Voyageur

      @Quyen We only went to Seville but I’d like to come back to Andalucia and go to Granada and Cordoba. Andalucia was really a great surprise, I had no idea I would be so charmed…the architecture, the food, the landscapes, the gardens, the light…

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    beautiful. one of my favourite cities!!

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