Paradise search : Escondrijo, Vejer de la Frontera, Spain

Escondrijo is one of those hotels where the view and the setting are so great you almost forget to take picture of the interiors.
It’s located in this little white jewel of a town caller Vejer de la Frontera (get in Vejer’s mood here), in a soulful old village house. It’s a small and intimate place, with a simple yet refined feel.

The house’s architecture has the charm of very old places – some parts go back to the Moorish era – with an impressive covered patio and mismatched tiles.

Our room was on the second floor and had the most amazing terrace, which served as a breakfast spot, sunbathing area and star-gazing lounge. I never got tired of seeing the clouds below us each morning when I woke up.

I think I can say that the breakfast is my Top 3 of the best breakfasts with the best view. Homemade granola, fresh fruits, freshly squeezed orange juice, all brought to our terrace on a platter (litterally).
There were several options for breakfast and even if I generally don’t go for anything salty in the morning I decided to give it a try one day. I was quite surprised to see this raw tomato “marmalade” -peeled tomatoes with olive oil and salt and pepper- on the table, but I can assure you that it was absolutely delicious spread on a slice of homemade bread.



Since I didn’t take any pictures of the room itself, I encourage you to check the website.
You can also rent the entire house!
The owners are Irish and British , which can be quite a relief if your Spanish is as good as mine.

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