The view : sunset on lake Vembanad, Kerala, India

This sunset on lake Vembanad was one of the first things we got to witness when we arrived in Kerala and I can pretty much say that it was one of the most beautiful things I've seen. I've already professed my love for lakes here more than once, but the light show that goes on every night on that one is really special. Like everything in India it's also about sound and smell, which means you can add to it the cawing of the birds, a faraway drum, the neighbour's radio and the smell of incense and wet leaves.


Remember that picture of me on the canoe? Well, this is what I was looking at.
Vembanad lake is the largest lake of the state of Kerala.
Kerala is located on the Southwestern tip of India. It’s famous for its backwaters and its peaceful way of life.

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