Wanderlust : feeling like a glamping trip 2/2

I’m back with the second part of my glamping selection (illustrated by an already adventurous vintage me). Part one is this way, in case you missed it.
Hope you find some good ideas there!


Cabin Hotel Near Tijuana, Baja California

This first one is a stunner.  If staying in a wooden cube in a rocky landscape also sound good to you (it does to me, don’t ask), go and check the other pictures and imagine yourself swimming in that very tempting pool.


Mediterranean Beach Coast Lodging Tents in Tuscany, Italy

I love that slightly “boy scout camp” look. Of course this is Italy, so it’s a little bit more glamorous than that, but still, I feel that camping in Tuscany is a nice change from the “old castle” vibe that you most certainly get when you look for accommodation there.


Caban–as Nestled in the Heart of Amazonian Rainforest, Venezuela

This is for you, my fearless reader who loves luxury and…insects! I read there’re pumas and dolphins involved as well (didn’t know they could be neighbors, you’ll have to go and confirm that!).


Luxury Canvas Cabins in Olympia, Washington

If you’re feeling a little more conservative, I guess the old “cabin in the woods”  feel (more like tent in the woods actually, but I don’t know if that’s a thing)  of this one will hit the spot. As you know, anything near a lake looks good to me anyway.



Tents Surrounded by Dunes in Luxury Desert Camp, Morocco

“How could a camp in the middle of nowhere look so stylish?” you might ask. Those blankets, this red carpets…and this breakfast. Take me there right now!


Luxurious Treehouse Buried in Brazilian Rainforest

You could say  that this one really puts the glam in glamping. This is technically a tree house, but it’s so huge and the architecture is so impressive that it feels more like a tropical-tree-loft. This is definitely what Tarzan would have built if he had met Charlotte Perriand instead of Jane.


Eco-Friendly Domes in Sierra del Segura, the Lungs of Spain

If you aspire to the life of hobbit from the future (with a thing for macrame and mid century design I might add), then this is for you.



Safari Tent River Camp in Thailand

These terraced pools are definitely my speed, and with a view on the river Kwai -no less- you can feel the adventure getting real, no?


Oasis Camp in Indian Jungle – Sher Bagh, India

This one is on the (very) pricey side, but where else are you going to find tents “fully furnished in Edwardian style”? Only in India! Plus you’ve got tigers posing in front of ruined palaces, that’s not such a common sight (not in Paris at least).


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