Local eats : nigri sushi, Kanazawa, Japan

You probably have heard that sushis aren’t that common a meal in Japan. In fact, by the time we arrived in Kanazawa we only have had a few of them in the middle of our kaiseki dinners. So when I read that Kanazawa was a famous “sushi hotspot” in Japan because of its privileged access to the Sea of Japan, I knew this was the place to try some!

I had read about high-end sushis places but was a bit discouraged when I saw that you needed to at least speak a little Japanese to go there and admittedly wasn’t feeling brave enough to eat “whatever’s on the menu that day”.

That’s why this address on the Kanazawa market sounded  good to me, it was said to be laid-back since it was a “conveyor belt” place, yet it was supposed to have the freshest fish….and an English menu. All of that with the “insider” appeal of a place frequented only by locals.

Too good to be true?

Well, the setting is definitely quite fun for a foreigner. We sat by the bar, and a menu that looks a bit like a sushi-theme scrapbook was brought to us, we then had to order directly to the two chefs since it was quite early and the conveyor belt wasn’t working yet. As we ordered things got a little funkier when the chefs started to scream back the names of the sushis in the most guttural, Shônen-worthy, voice. I guess they were not so used to have foreigners and were putting quite a show for us!

A few seconds (literally) later, the first nigri sushis were in front of us, and I feel I can say that they are the best, purest version of a sushi I’ve ever had. We stuck to rather safe choices with toro (tuna), maguro (bluefin tuna belly), buri (yellowtail) and Kajiki (Swordfish), but there were also more adventurous choices to be made!


Outside of Japan we tend to use the word “sushi” to describe what’s above, but there it’s actually called “nigri sushi”.
Ômichô-Ichiba-Zushi 近江町市場寿し本店 28-1 Shimo-Ômichô. They’re open everyday and close at 8pm.
This was really quite cheap compared to the quality, we ended up paying something like 15 euros/person.


  • One of my favorite sushi places in Japan was a little conveyor belt joint hidden in a mall in Kyoto. I was so surprised!

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